Ludvig Östman
Graphic Designer

Graduated Beckmans College of Design in 2019 with a BFA in Visual Communi­cations.

Based in Stockholm. With design driven by research, content and typography, I strive for thoughtful and precise results.

Freelance designer. Primarily for Stockholm Design Lab.

2019 – 21
Employed at Malmsten Hellberg as graphic designer and studio manager, working mainly with books, exhibitions, film graphics and posters. My role as graphic designer included research and concept, design and typesetting, presentation and client contact, final artwork and prepress / printer contact. As studio manager, I was responsible for main­tenance of the studio as well as coordinating workflows and time plans.

Interned as graphic designer, for one month at Research and Development and for two months at Henrik Nygren Design, assisting mainly in book and identity design.

2016 – 19
Studied Visual Communications at Beckmans School of Design, particularly enjoying book design, typography, and research projects where I could incor­porate the two.

Took an evening course in graphic design at Forsbergs, to try out my wings before applying to Beckmans.

2015 – 17
Worked as sales associate for Acne Studios in Stockholm.

Studied a course in theoretical philo­sophy at Uppsala University – a subject I enjoyed and wanted to immerse myself in a bit more.

2013 – 14
Living in Paris for a year, I worked for Acne Studios as showroom assistant and sales associate, as well as taking a course in French at Institut Catholique de Paris.

2012 – 13
Worked as office assistant at the Acne Studios head­quarters in Stockholm. Experiencing Acne Studios’ focus on brand identity planted the seed for pursuing a career in design.

Sigurd Lewerentz

The Jury Award winner of the Swedish Design Awards 2021, Sigurd Lewerentz: Architect of Death and Life is a 712 page book produced in connection with ArkDes’ exhibition on one of the most important architects of the 20th century. Featuring a monographic text, new photography of Lewerentz’ works, and reproduced archival material, it is the most detailed study yet of the extraordinary life and work of Sigurd Lewerentz.

Year: 2021 Client: ArkDes 
Format: 23 × 30 cm Graphic design: Malmsten Hellberg 
My role: Graphic design together with Stefania Malmsten and Ulrika Hellberg; type­setting; contact with client, prepress and printer; final artwork.

NonStop Entertainment

A series of posters for film distributor NonStop Entertainment, promoting the three independent films Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles; Wanda; and Daughters of the Dust.

Year: 2019 – 20 Client: NonStop Entertainment 
Format: 70 × 100 cm Graphic design: Malmsten Hellberg 
My role: Graphic design together with Stefania Malmsten; type­setting; contact with client, prepress and printer; final artwork.

John Baldessari

Winner of Svensk Bokkonst 2020 and produced in connection with Moderna Museet’s exhibition on conceptual artist John Baldessari, this book features a selection of the artist’s works along with his own writings. Softcover with gloss laminated dust jacket.

Year: 2020 Client: Moderna Museet 
Format: 21.7 × 28 cm, 124 pp. Graphic design: Malmsten Hellberg My role: Graphic design together with Stefania Malmsten; type­setting; contact with client, prepress and printer; final artwork.


My graduation project at Beckmans, Avskärmad (Screened off) was awarded Best Graduation Project 2019 by The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation. I sought to question my use of tech­nology, in everyday life and in graphic design, to identify how to relate to it in a positive manner. As a conse­quence, I spent a month without using technology, keeping a journal of my thoughts and activities, documenting it with a film camera. After having finished the manuscript, I set the text using a type­writer, on a grid based on the dimensions and leading of the typewriter font. With the grid under­neath, I assembled the originals at a light table. I then Riso printed the inlay, screen printed the cover and bound the book by hand in a limited edition.

Year: 2019 Format: 11 × 20 cm, 112 pp.


Graphics and poster for David Aronowitsch’s documentary film Idomeni, produced by Story and nominated for Best Documentary at the Guldbagge Awards 2021.

Year: 2020 Client: Story 
Poster format: 70 × 100 cm Graphic design: Malmsten Hellberg 
My role: Graphic design together with Stefania Malmsten; type­setting; contact with client, prepress and printer; final artwork.


Flytfåglarna (The Migratory Ducks) is a book of my research on the Friendly Floatees – 28 800 bath toys that fell off a container ship in 1992, and since then have traveled the world’s ocean currents. The book features my correspondence with researchers and finders of washed-up toys, maps of the travel routes, and my investigation of unconfirmed sightings. It was part of a school project aimed at raising awareness for the Beijer Institute’s work on marine sustain­ability. I printed the book on a Risograph and bound it by hand in a limited softcover edition. My relative, book­binder Göte, bound the hardcover edition. It was exhibited at Svenskt Tenn in 2017.

Year: 2017 Format: 21 × 30 cm, 80 pp.

Other Beckmans projects

1. Untitled: dry-transfer lettering on A3-sheet, inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.
2. The Happiness of Pursuit: sign made of electro­luminescent wire.
3. The Spectroom: a video installation with pro­jectors and mirrors, featuring footage from Snösätra, an industrial area in southern Stockholm.
4. Too Long; Didn’t Read: a source of compressed news in online and printed form. Using a script that scans the major Swedish news outlets, TL;DR publishes the most frequently used word.

Year: 2017 – 19 Collaborators, The Spectroom: Mattias Rothman, Sizar Alexis, Susanna Lycke. Case film by Susanna Lycke Collaborators, TL;DR: Anders Lindén, Carl Cavallius, Tilda Ragnartz